Car insurance for young women

Car insurance for young women

In partnership with our sister brand; drive like a girl, we help young female drivers buy great value car insurance.

Our sister brand, drive like a girl, believe safe drivers deserve to pay a fair price for their car insurance.

Having analysed over a billion miles of driving data, drive like a girl discovered that young women are generally safer drivers than young men.

To ‘drive like a girl’ is a compliment. It refers to a safer, smoother driving style, which can help avoid serious accidents on the road.

So if you're looking for cheap car insurance for women, this is a good place to start.

You don’t have to be female to ‘drive like a girl’ though. They insure drivers of both genders.

The benefits

Your drive like a girl policy gives you lots of extra benefits at no extra cost:

  • Temporary replacement car - even if the accident was your fault or your car has been written off or stolen*
  • 'Get you home' cover - helping you and your passengers get home after a claim**
  • Handbag cover - cover for your handbag and other personal belongings up to £250
  • Misfueling cover - if you put the wrong fuel in your car, this will cover you for up to £250
  • Dedicated UK Claims Line 24/7 - drive like a girl is always there to help if you need to make a claim

How does it work?

A small black box is fitted to your car at no extra cost. The box is fitted neatly out of sight - it’s safe and won’t interfere with the workings of your car.

The box measures: speed, time & distance travelled, type of road, rapid acceleration and heavy braking.

The people at drive like a girl use the box to find out if you ‘drive like a girl’. If you do, you’ll get a discount after 3 months.

Additional benefits with the black box

Accident Alert

If you have an accident and it causes a strong impact on the car, the box will send an alert to drive like a girl’s Service Centre. Their agents can then call you to make sure you’re OK. In serious cases drive like a girl may contact the emergency services to get you help as quickly as possible.

Theft recovery

The black box fitted to your car (the in-tele-box) provides you with a theft tracking system. This means that if your car is stolen, you can contact drive like a girl who will use the GPS information from the box to help find its exact location.

How can I get a quote?

Click the button below to get a quote now and find out how much you can save with drive like a girl via Covergirl.

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* Drive like a girl will provide you with a temporary replacement car - even if the accident was your fault or your car has been written off or stolen - provided one is available and the loss or damage is covered by this Policy. Please see your Private Car Policy Document ‘How we will deal with your claim’ for full details. Your car must be recovered by one of our approved UK repairers and if your car has been stolen you need to have a crime reference number from the Police.
**Drive like a girl will pay all reasonable expenses up to a maximum of £50 to help you and your passengers get home, or complete your journey following a claim on your policy.