Bat-mobile parked at 26:00pm half way up a wall

Car buying gone bonkers

One wedding, two motorways and telematics car insurance

Love me, love Marmite. Hate Marmite, hate me

Severe weather warning for drivers

It’s 30mph for a reason

Drivers reluctant to fill their tanks up

Older women drivers are generally safe on the roads

Lexus has good reason to celebrate

Insurers may offer greater incentives for safe driving

Divorced drivers may hit the bottle

Motorists given information on charging points

Shopping for woman car insurance needn’t be a pain.

Career women, car insurance and CoverGirl

Ladies car insurance and great value policy quotes

Cheap motor insurance for women and the pioneers of the past

Cheap car insurance for women in the UK, ladies get a cheap quote in minutes

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Car insurance up for renewal? Ladies, buy cheap car insurance for women at CoverGirl and save £££s on your existing policy.

As a woman, car insurance should cost you less than it does, because statistically you are less likely to make an expensive insurance claim than a man. At CoverGirl Car Insurance Services we don’t think that girls should subsidise the boys any longer.

We provide cheap car insurance for women in the UK using telematics technology combined with the ease and convenience of the internet . But we don’t just want to offer you cheap car insurance premiums, we want to back it up with great service and a range of value added benefits.

If you’ve been scouring the internet for the last hour (or more) your quest is almost over. You’re now just minutes away from that elusive price. Yes, an unbelievably cheap quote will appear right here in less time than it takes to fill the kettle and sneak a biscuit from the tin (so don’t even think about it!).

So, if you’re standing up, sit down (our shockingly low prices have been known to leave people light headed)…take a deep breath…and count to three…

We provide women insurance

Ok. So you’re still here.

Scary isn’t it. You feel like you’ve dedicated your whole life to your quest for the holy grail of a quote (ok then, maybe just a few hours) and now that you’re here, it’s the final last step that’s proving the hardest. ‘Have I come all this way in vain?’ ‘Can it really be true?” ‘Is it just a myth?’

Of course, if you have amazing good luck (or a friend who tipped you off) you may have come straight here in the 30 seconds it took you to turn your computer on, type ‘get me a brilliant quote’ into the search box and press enter. In which case you can’t begin to imagine the agony and heartbreak you have missed out on from countless other websites, who promised you the world and delivered a bunch of wilting spray carnations from the local One Stop (not literally of course, but you know what we mean).

At CoverGirl Car Insurance Services we know cheap car insurance for ladies is important, but so is the level of cover and the service and support you get in the event of an accident.

So here’s the deal. You’re here, it exists. Be bold, be brave. Take what’s rightfully yours. Take it now. (And then for goodness sake move on with your life!)

Girls, get cheap motor insurance for women in minutes.

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